Thought Canal Ltd

Thought Canal Ltd offers various management consultancy services to both private and public sector clients. We have a particular focus on the closely related disciplines of environmental technology, renewable energy and advanced materials. The services we offer usually involve providing advice on the financing of advanced R&D programmes and commercialisation of the intellectual property arising from such programmes. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

The above services are provided based mainly on the experience of Dr Nick Goddard, the founder and owner of Thought Canal Ltd. Nick qualified professionally as both a scientist and an engineer followed by ten years of experience in the oil & gas, power generation, aerospace and defence industries. Starting as a hands-on technologist, during his corporate career he migrated progressively into strategic planning, marketing and business development. In 1997, he moved into the financial services sector and spent the next eight years working in London as a technology sector investment banker specialising in corporate finance and equity capital markets. Nick left the City in 2005 and since then has acted as an independent consultant. He founded Thought Canal Ltd as a vehicle for the delivery of consultancy services by himself and others.